Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dunluce Castle

 On our Second day in Northern Island, we stopped at Dunluce Castle on our way to the Giant's Causeway. Dunluce apparently inspired one of the castles in Narnia. The Ruins of Dunluce are very magical since they are located right on the edge of a cliff. In fact, the ground here is somewhat unstable, and the kitchens of the castle collapsed into the sea below.

 There was a cave beneath the castle.

narrow path

 These are the pictures of the edge of the castle. The kitchens used to extend past here, but now they just stop abruptly.
It just ends...

The end of the road.
 We could see the Giant's Causeway from Dunluce
Finn's Chimneys
 The coastline surrounding the castle was stunning I love this stone arch.
 Looking back on the castle from the edge.

The mysterious cave.

It opens into a beach.

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