Sunday, November 27, 2016

Rugby Game

 We got to attend our first Rugby game. Leinster was playing, of course! Now, when we watched this game, I knew NOTHING about rugby and basically had no idea what was happening. Then a few weeks later, we played rugby and in doing so learned more about it. I'm still no expert, but at least I can explain it a little better.
 Ireland's color is actually blue not green, therefore the Leinster boys and all their fans (which has to be 99% of all those there) were decked out in Blue. BLUE WAS EVERYWHERE!

Now, in rugby, basically, the main goal is to tackle anyone who has the ball. The ball gets passed backward to another team mate who then carries it. The game involved a lot of tackling and it often took awhile for the ball to get across the line. When someone carries the ball across the goal line, they must touch it to the ground, then the team gets five points.
 Every time Leinster scored, the crowd erupted, blue flags were waved, creating a wave of blue in the stands. Celebratory music filled the air and everyone was shouting for a few minutes. 
Do you see the amount of blue? SO MUCH BLUE!
 If the ball is dropped at any point during the game, a scrum has to be made. Everyone wraps arms around the players to either side, crouch and wait... The ball then gets thrown in the middle of the teams. The goal is to kick it back to your teammates.
 This results in a lot of pushing, which means that the scrum breaks... and results in a jumble of legs and arms...
 Not only was basically everyone cheering for Leinster (there were like two people cheering for the other team) but the Leinster mascot circled the stands, beating ob his drum and making everyone clap and chant for Leinster.
 After the game was over, (Leinster won, of course) we took the DART back to Bray, because (once again) the DART was down and didn't go all the way to Greystones. Then we rode one of the many double-decker Dublin buses back to Greystones.
Misty Bray head on the horizon.
 We decided that being college students was overrated and drew monsters on the misty bus window.

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