Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Giant's Causeway

 Like the Cliffs of Moher, the Giant's Causeway is one of the most photographed places in Ireland and one of the main tourist attractions. For good reason. The strangely shaped stones are fascinating, but as with the cliffs of Moher, this means that professional photos are far better than mine, since they get to take pictures without hundreds of other people in the way and at romantic times of day under a gorgeous sunset or under the northern lights. It was still great to be there, but you guys are better off looking at professional pictures.

The Causeway is famous for its stones, but there is so much more to see than just those.  This is the Bay of the Cow. I think it is called that because this area used to be grazing land, and if a cow took a wrong step, they came to an untimely end. At any rate, there is a camel in the picture below, can you find him?
Can you see the Camel?

Maybe this picture will help.

Can you see him now?
 On the shore of the Bay, is the little abandoned ruins of a fisherman's hut.

 The Giant's Chimneys, which we saw from Dunluce castle.

The Famous Causeway. But I still had to walk there...
 So on our way down, let be tell you the proper story of how these stones got here. The Irish Giant Finn McCoul decided that he wanted to fight the Scottish giant. Scotland is a few miles away from here, so Finn McCoul just designed these rocks and made a Causeway all the way across to Scotland, but when he got there, he realized that the Scottish giant was far bigger than he expected, so Finn McCoul turned around and ran home, throwing one of his boots off in his hurry. Unfortunately, the Scottish giant saw him and followed him.

Finn McCoul ran into his house and told his wife that the Scottish Giant was following her. She told him to get into the baby trundle. He did so and preceded to pretend to be a baby. The Scottish giant came in looking for Finn McCoul. Finn's wife told him that Finn was out at the moment and showed him their "baby." When the Scottish giant saw how big Finn McCoul's "baby" was, he high-tailed it back to Scotland and tore up the causeway behind him. Therefore, we were walking on the remnants on the Irish coast, but there are also similar structures on the Scottish coast.
The hills are on fire! (Well, they look like it)
 The first sight of the Causeway was less than impressive. There are three sections of the Causeway. The lower Causeway, the middle Causeway, and the great Causeway.

These are the stones of legend?

That is better.

The Wishing Chair
 The sun came out and cast lovely shadows on the stones.
 The waves crash onto the stones and leave puddles in the concave stones.

The dark stones are slippery

The Giant's Gate

Sunny Chimneys

The Giant's gate from the other side.
 The weather was so nice. Clear, sunny, and warm with almost no wind. The water was shockingly blue. We couldn't have asked for a better day to see the Causeway.
The Great Causeway

The Bay of the Cow

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