Tuesday, November 15, 2016

1916 Rising Museum

Arbour Hill was on the top of a hill. The 1916 Rising Museum is at its base.

We walked past this beautiful building. I don't even know what it is, but i took pictures anyhow.
 Another angle, without the fence.
 The buildings the 1916 Rising Museum was in were pretty too.
 They were actually the old barracks for the army.
 The 1916 Rising Museum was in this building behind the Riding School, which unfortunately is now a parking lot.
 The 1916 Rising Museum  held all kinds of artifacts that came from the time surrounding the 1916 Rising, including this book which was used to carry contraband.
Neat axe head
A few of the flags which the Irish republic have used in the past were also on display.

There were items on display which were owned by each of the 1916 Rising Rebels.
This shirt was James Connolly and the stain was from his wound in the Rising.

This was Joseph Plunkett's Rosary
It was a great exhibit. I loved the detail given to each individual rebel.

After the 1916 Rising Museum we went to Glasnevin Cemetery were over 1.5 Million people are buried. Check back for that blog post on the 17th.

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