Sunday, November 13, 2016

Arbour Hill

 After Kilmainham Gaol, we visited Arbour Hill where the 1916 Rising rebels who were shot at Kilmainham were buried. It was a very peaceful, sacred place for the Irish.

The Church was beautiful.
 I saw all these Gravestones and I assumed the rebels would each have their own plot with a headstone like normal graves, but that was not the case.
 Old headstones lined the buildings. I'm not sure why...

 When the Rebels were buried they were just laid in a mass grave, but now that they are heroes, there is an entire memorial devoted to them. This wall has the entire Irish Republic proclamation. The right side is in English and the left is in Gaelic.
 The first part of the Proclamation.
 The Tri-color flies above their graves.
 The Grass plot underneath with they are buried, is now rimmed with stones with the names of each of those buried there.

Once again, on one said their names are in English...
 But on the other is their Gaelic name.
It was amazing to imagine how this place has changed in the past hundred years. At first it was a a simple church graveyard and a mass grave to throw the rebels, but now it is a place where many Irish come to pay respect to those who helped them achieve freedom for their nation.

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