Sunday, October 30, 2016


It took us six hours to get to the northern-most tip of Ireland. We were now in a different country (The UK) -- on the same island. We could see Donegal(The Republic), just a short jump over the bay, and Scotland(UK). So, we were standing in one country, looking at a different country that is in the same island and also looking at a different land mass which is the same country. If that isn't confusing I don't know what is.

Our Group rented out the little hostel/B&B right by the beach.
So pretty!
 It took us all of a few minutes to head down the beach. When we packed to come to Northern Ireland, we expected cold and probably rain, instead, we got some of the warmest weather we've had for a while. So everyone took off their winter coats, rolled up our pants and splashed around in the waves.

Footpath to the beach

Our hostel

 Glassy wave caught in mid-air

 There were some ruins up on the cliff, so we hiked up there to explore.
Bishop's Gate

The Ruined Mansion

The beach from above. That is Donegal on the horizon.
 The Beach quickly drew us back, and look what I found!
 These two girls were riding their ponies around on the beach. I wish I could have joined them.
Not sure what this guy was doing...
 As the Sun set. Koert made a fire and we all made Irish Smores and sang songs. We started singing the Fields of Athenry and some of the group started to chant the republican version of the chorus, which involves chanting two Irish republic groups who played a big part in "The Troubles." Then someone said. "Shh, We're in Northern Ireland." And we all decided it was probably best not to shout certain republican things on the beaches of the north. 
 The land is so shallow and flat, the waves just keep coming onto the sand, and wets long stretches of it. The last rays of the sunset were mirrored on the wet sand.
 The same thing happened in the morning.
Niamh got a photo shoot too.

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