Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Big Sugarloaf Hike

 The weather and timing finally worked together to allow us to hike the Big Sugarloaf in our backyard.  It is called the Big Sugarloaf because it looks like it has sugar on the top. Diana was doing something else that day to Jon, who runs Coolnagreinia led the hike. I didn't expect it to be as difficult as Croagh Patrick and in a way, it wasn't, but it was very steep and rocky. The only difference was the fact that it was far shorter.
Baily joined us.

Gorse and Heather covered the mountain.

Steep? Rocks?

WHAT?! I'm pretty sure this time would have been better spent doing schoolwork
 Fortunately, the view from the was a lot clearer than at Croagh Patrick
 The wind almost blew us off the mountain. I'm not kidding.

Greystones can be seen along the coast there.
 I finally remembered, not only to bring Niamh but also to snap a picture of her.

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