Thursday, October 20, 2016

Glendalough Waterfall Hike

During parents week, we returned to Glendalough and those without parents visiting, headed straight for the waterfall that feeds the Upper Lake, which we never reached during our last trip to Glendalough.

We were hiking at such a fast pace that I barely got any pictures of the hike we did before.

We finally reached the spot Lauren, and I had turned around before. This was our only view of the mining village, and I wasn't too impressed.
But when we got past all the rock, we saw the actual village.
The abandoned ruins were really neat to see.
We had to ford streams...
...fortunately, there were rocks.
We stopped at a lovely spot and saw some deer across the stream

Halfway up the steep, rocky, zig-zagging trail up the mountain, I turned around and saw this... little did I know that there were better sights to come.

Why has Croagh Patrick become a reoccurring theme?
Fortunately, when we reached the waterfall, it was 100% worth it.

And then, my favorite picture was taken at Glendalough. The Upper Lake viewed from behind with the stream cutting through the marsh.

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