Saturday, October 22, 2016


Even from the driveway, Powerscourt house and gardens are pretty much one of the loveliest places I've been. Glendalough, however, surpasses it.

We entered the gardens and were greeted by lovely flowers and statues.

Then we descended into the simple but charming Italian gardens.

Then we went down more stairs to my favorite part, the pond with the silver winged horses
I don't like much horse art because it normally isn't atomically correct, but these statues were lovely.
I probably took at least fifty pictures of them alone. No one needs to know how many I took of the entire garden.

All angles
The view of the house...

The fountain
My favorite was the woods. So lovely!


Then I entered the Japanese gardens where there were amazing stone arches. I can hardly describe how beautiful they are nor do the pictures do them justice.

Did I mention that I love the trees here?

The troll bridge

Killing hollow. Apparently, an Irishman was hacked to death here.

Tower Valley
Always in the background was the towering Big Sugarloaf.
I took this tiny winding trail through the woods.
Over the wall was this enchanting glade with a ruined, overgrown church.
Back to the main gardens, I decided to see the walled gardens.
Julia's memorial

This gate was lovely.

The woods beyond

The walled gardens, which didn't interest me enough to take many pictures.
I briefly saw the inside of the house which was lovely.

Some of the student's younger siblings came to visit during parent's week, and they became quick friends. They sat in the seat behind us on the way back from Powerscourt. The little girl on the left is Teyah the Ellis's youngest child who is so much fun to hang out and play with around the wall. Her accent is so charming, and she is just adorable.
Aren't they so cute?

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