Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Flight

Well, it's officially been two weeks since I left Ireland. I might be over jet lag, but I'm not over the culture shock of returning to America. How can I have culture shock when returning to my own culture you ask? I wondered the same thing, but believe me, it is real. For me, it has been far harder to adjust to American life than it was to adjust to Irish life.

After saying goodbye to Koert and Diana and the students who would be staying and traveling longer, we went to get in line for security. Two different, stressful security checks later and another line to go through US Customs, we could finally wait at the gate until boarding began.

When we finally settled into our seats on the plane some three hours after getting to the airport, I found Irish music and promptly started listing to it between announcements. It had some of my favorites! The Fields of Athenry, Down by the Sally Gardens, and The Foggy Dew.
 It was nice to be flying during the day so we could see more, especially since it was crystal clear.
Saying goodbye to the lovely fields of Ireland.

 In the northwest,  there was even snow on the mountains
 See that coastline? That is the west of Ireland. By the time that faded from view, I was sobbing.
 As we flew over the ocean, the clouds rolled in, but at least that gave me something to look at for the next 8 hours other than rolling blue ocean.
 The longer we flew, the heavier the clouds got and the more ice crystals formed on my window.
 Occasionally it would clear up again.
I'm pretty sure this is Greenland.

As we descended into Chicago, we flew over the lake, which was a spectacular sight. Unfortunately, I'd already put away my camera.

After another bout of security, we hopped on another plane to Canton from there we could finally go home and go to bed, since we'd been traveling for 18 hours and hadn't slept a wink.

The truth is, I'm still homesick for Ireland. A large piece of my heart remains in the Emerald Isle and always shall. Although I'm "home" and happy to see my family and friends, I also wish I were still back in my lovely green "home" across that stretch of sea.

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