Monday, December 5, 2016

Mizen Head

 After Inchydoney beach we wound along twisty Irish Country roads down one of the long groping fingers in the southwest of Ireland until we reached Mizen Head -- the most southwesterly point in Ireland.

We tumbled -- a little seasick -- off the coach and followed more twisty roads and climbed tons of stairs until we reached the very tip of the peninsula -- As far southwest as we could go.

But to get there, we had to cross inlets by going over Mizen Bridge.

 On a small island jutting out of the water 2 miles off the coast, there was a small lighthouse. The distance didn't allow the best viewing options, so this was the best picture I could get, but considering the distance, it isn't bad for my little camera.

There was a tiny little platform, which marked the most southwesterly point in Ireland, so we all squished onto it.

As always with Atlantic coastal visits, the wind was wild. I debated for a long time whether or not to post this picture as it is rather embarrassing, but here it is. Try to restrain yourself from laughing too hard.
 As you can see, that crazy wind blew a piece of hair straight up into the air.

The sad thing about Mizen head is that it was our final destination on our last trip. So I had to get a picture with our absolutely, amazing bus driver, Brian. I learned so much from him, laughed so hard so many times, and enjoyed every moment in the coach.
 To finish it up, here are a few landscape pictures.

 Mizen Bridge from above.
 The other side of the peninsula.
For the record, Mizen head was a completely unplanned part of the trip, but it was probably my favorite part (except for playing rugby on the beach) We were also the first group to ever visit Mizen Head. I'm so glad we decided to go, even though it was a long 6 hours back to Greystones.

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