Wednesday, August 2, 2017

2017 USPC Championships: Mounted Games

(Sorry for the lack of a post on Monday. But here are some horse pictures.)

The Games were played in the covered arena which meant it was rather dark and caused my camera to take blurry pictures most of the time. For better pictures, check out last year's photos of the 2016 Championships (linked in the labels tabs to the right)

Mounted games are basically a relay race on horses. They are tons of fun to watch. Unfortunately, these pictures aren't nearly as fun.

As I said most of them came out like this:

The Canadian Race
 Not everyone had an easy time: a couple riders fell off. Fortunately, in games this does not eliminate you. You just have to go get your pony, get back on and finish the race.
 There was a Fjord pony! Unfortunately, this is the only decent picture I got of it.

 Waiting for the other teammate's pony to behave so they can pass off the hockey stick for the Candian race.
 This pony was super cute. All he wanted to do was run and play games -- not sit around and wait.
 You can't tell from this picture, but this adorable pony was TINY, but she was SO fast!
 Mounted Games = Hurry up and wait.

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