Wednesday, August 9, 2017

2017 USPC Championships: Eventing Show-jump Phase (Part one)

The third and final phase of eventing is show-jumping. Fortunately, I got to see tons of it since it was held right beside where I was competing. Enjoy the pictures. :)

 The Preliminary riders rode first, leaping over their big fences. 

 This gorgeous bay, cleared this fence with over a foot to spare!

 These guys tried so hard!
 Watching the little ponies jumping these huge fences is soooo much fun!

 I remember seeing this guy with his little bay mare in the dressage phase. I really love this mare.
 They jumped a clear, fast round, but the rider decided he wanted to cut the corner off the last fence. This resulted in an unbalanced, rushed, crooked approach to the final, rather tricky vertical fence.

The trusty mare tried her absolute best to clear the fence by twisting her hindquarters, but she just couldn't make it. Due to her rider's error, this brilliant team ended up taking down this rail and adding 4 penalties to their score.
Several other horses knocked rails. This mishap was the worst. I didn't get a picture, but just seconds after this photo was taken, this horse plowed through the middle of this oxer jump. It wasn't pretty, but they ended up completing their course.

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