Friday, August 11, 2017

2017 USPC Championships: Eventing Show-jump Phase (Part two)

 Taking pictures as the horse is going over the jump is neat, but there is something simplistically beautiful about a horse as it is trotting or cantering around the course in the early morning sunshine. 

This post will have less jumping pictures and more pictures taken between jumps, which is where the real work happens. These pictures are the essence of each rider's jumping rounds. Without this careful balancing and preparation, the horses would not be able to clear each jump.

I really like this bright bay. 
He's quite a handsome horse.

 Big smile and a thank you pat for the horse after a clear round.

 Here's that cute pony!
 Speaking of ponies...

The little chestnut pony pictured below was one of my favorite rounds of the day. Unfortunately, I'd just put my camera away and by the time I got it out again, I only got a blurry picture of their last fence and this one as they trotted out of the arena.

This little sassy pony -- who was swishing her tail and resisting through every corner was a brilliant jumper. I believe she jumped a clear round even though the jumps where as big as she was!
I this gray is one of the prettiest horses I've seen.  I LOVE its coloring.

 Seeing a pinto jumping is always fun -- especially an overo like this.

 This giant pinto was some kind of Tennessee walking horse or American saddlebred cross -- NOT your typical jumping horse. Unfortunately, they knocked quite a few rails.
 And of course, as soon as I saw the pretty bay mare I took as many pictures of them as I could. I have a huge soft spot for this mare.
 Eager and ready to go. Love this mare.

 Another attractive pinto out on course.

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