Saturday, February 4, 2017

Liverpool, England to Chirk, Wales

 This week, I'll cover a little more of Liverpool and our journey from there to Chirk. The first matter of business is the fact that we were passing from Ireland into the United Kingdom so that meant a different currency. Ireland uses the Euro while England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland all use Pounds Sterling. We'd been in Belfast in Northern Ireland the week before heading over to Wales, so we drew some pounds from the ATM there to have cash handy if we needed it when we landed.

The lovely thing is the Northern Ireland bills featured cites in Northern Ireland
The Giant's Chimneys at Giant's Causeway.
 By this point using euros was second nature to me (It is still easier to use them than American Dollars) But the Pounds, although basically the same idea, looked different and were confusing at first -- especially the coins.

I prefer using euros over pounds, but pounds are far prettier than euros.

Anyhow, we landed and found a bus going to Liverpool city center and hopped on.

 We passed so many wonderful sights.

 Liverpool is such a magnificent city.
 We then found our train station and counted down the minutes until it arrived. The train did not take us all the way to Chirk,Wales so we had to switch trains at Chester, England
 Red Telephone booths aren't only found in London.

 We settled in for another trainride which brought us to Chirk where the director of Springhill farms picked us up and took us to her farm.

This is the cabin we stayed in for the week. It was really, really nice.
 The fall colors were far brighter in Wales and England than they were in Ireland. It was lovely to be surrounded by such beauty.
Check back next week for some horsey pictures!

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