Saturday, February 11, 2017

Springhill Farm in Wales

 Springhill farm is located on the border of north and south Wales. The picture above was our backyard. I really loved the country of Wales we were basically half and hour from any town.

Believe it or or not, the landscape was 100 times as beautiful over those hill, which was just one of the treks we took when we rode out. Unfortunately, I haven't master the skill of photography on horse back, especially on a horse I don't know well. Therefore, I have no pictures to share with you. Those gorgeous images are only in my mind.

 The neat thing is, apparently Tolkien traveled in this area and we saw places during our rides that inspired him in the landscape of both the Shire and Mordor. We also saw the hill which was used in the film: The Englishman Who Went up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain.
 These pictures was from my walk up the road where the horse's pastures were located, so here is your typical barrage of equine photos.

 From America to Wales to Australia -- Pony Club Games! Same equipment, same rules, and the same amount of faun!

I absolutely loved this place, the horses, and the landscape. It was a fabulous fall break!

The next few posts will be covering a Roman Aqueduct, a medieval castle, a stunning church and one wonderful scenery.

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