Saturday, January 28, 2017


 Apologies once again for this Blog Post being a long time in coming. I'm finally going to start the series of blog posts covering my Fall Break which we spent Horseback Riding in Wales. We flew from Dublin into Liverpool, England -- a half hour jump across the Irish sea. Today's post is pictures from Liverpool -- home of Brian Jacques author of Redwall, and better known as the land of The Beatles. I could barely believe how beautiful the city was and I wish I would have had more than an hour in it. There were old, gorgeous buildings everywhere we turned. 
There was even an Irish Pub called the Blarney Stone. Apparently, Liverpool has a large Irish population because it was so close and many Irish were forced to move there.

 Memorial for Queen Victoria -- Sorry for the nasty picture. It was the best shot I could get out of a dirty bus window as we were driving by.
 Liverpool is right on the coast so it has a large shipping port.

Huge Ferris wheel by the sea... not sure why?
 Redwall Abbey?
 Our flight home was late as it was and got delayed further, so it was pitch black that night as we flew back over the ocean. We were quite happy when we flew back into Dublin and got to exchange stories with other Taylor students who had just returned from the countries that they when to over break.
The lights of Dublin

Liverpool was an amazing city with great bookstores (that, of course, is where I spent most of my time).
Next week will be some shots from our Train ride into Chirk, Wales.

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