Friday, September 30, 2016


 I and five others had our full day drop-off in the town of Malahide located at the very end of the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) train line connecting the towns north and south of Dublin.

The day didn't start out very well. When we arrived at the DART station ready for our drop-off, we were dismayed to find the DART trains late due to someone getting sick on the train. Then when a DART bound for Malahide arrived, we climbed on only to find a few minutes later that its destination was now Howth. So we got off. However, the conductor was kind and asked us if we needed help. He suggested we get back on that train and take it to Bray, get off, then wait for one bound for Malahide. We did so and were finally off on our long ride to Malahide – only slightly more frazzled than before.

All this hassle happened after the issues the night before. Since the point of a drop-off is to explore a town that we haven't been to yet, Diana, the assistant director who organizes everything for us, planned for a lot of people to take a bus to a town that is not on the DART line since most of us have been to all the towns on the DART line. Unfortunately, we forgot that the Dublin bus services were on strike that day, so she had to rearrange us.

But in the end, we arrived in Malahide, got something to eat because we were starving, and set off to explore the town, talk to the locals, and observe the culture.

There were lovely stone churches like in most of Ireland's towns.

One feature that Malahide possessed was a castle. So we got to explore that. It cost to go inside, so we just explored the outside.

The trees here are amazing!

We had to stop at this weird tree to take pictures of each other.
Elizabeth and Kelly

So that was the extent of interesting pictures that I took during our drop-off. After the castle, we went down to the beach, and Meghann and I (mostly Meghann though) had a fantastic talk with a local for awhile.

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