Monday, September 26, 2016

Glendalough Hike

After we observed the remains of the monastery of Glendalough we hiked through the beautiful woods and beside the lakes which inspired St. Kevin to come there in the first place.

Unfortunately, all my pictures came out very washed out and do not do this stunning forest justice, but I've edited a few of them to give you a better idea of what it looked like, although it was far better in person.

Before the monks came, St. Kevin lived in this cave.

We were trying to get to that waterfall but we didn't have enough time.

The Upper Lake

The sun finally decided to peek out of the clouds.


  1. Wow, it is beautiful....I think I could spend a week there. A couple of those tree photos are surreal. I hope you can get to the waterfall sometime.

    1. It really was one of the loveliest places we've visited. St. Kevin made a very good choice. Like I said it was 100 times better in person and the pictures seem very flat to me, but they are the best I have. On our way back, we were late so I couldn't get pictures of this lovely path we went down. It was stunning.

  2. The cave is fascinating, calling to be explored. Picture 7 really explains how people could easily believe in spooks.

    1. It is. Unfortunately, it is incredibly difficult to get to. You have to boat across the lake and scramble up the cliff side. Apparently Pregnant woman did this because it was said that by climbing into St. Kevin's bed, kissing a certain rock(I think?) and praying to St. Kevin would guarantee a safe delivery.

      Those boggy trees were a little alarming, but they were so pretty!