Thursday, August 11, 2016

2016 USPC East Championships -- Overview

 This year, the United States Pony Club East Coast Championships was held at the brand new Tryon International Equestrian Center. The facilities were amazing. It was a delight to be there. I went to Champs for Quiz, which was three days of phases testing horse knowledge. I was on a "scramble" team with three girls from a different region. It was a deight to compete with them and we ended up in eight place.
Me (on far right) and my teammates.
 Over they next Week or so, I'll be posting pictures from Mounted Games, Show-Jumping, Eventing. Tetrathlon, and Dressage.

 Two bush horses, which remind me of the Breyer horse, Newsworthy, stood guard at the entrance of Tryon. Weathervanes topped the barns and made for lovely pictures at sunrise and sunset.

Decorating the truck for the long trip was a blast.
One of the twelve rings.

 Paths for the horses connected all the rings so the horses never had to set foot on concrete. There were pavilions at regular intervals with fans so the horses could rest in the shade while waiting for their turn to ride.

There were Wash Racks located at the end of each barn.

Most of the rest of this post is filled with some of the close up shots taken during our week there.

This Buckskin was so pretty, but difficult to get a decent picture of.
Deep Brown Oceans

Jog outs

Morning hack around the horse paths seemed quite popular.

Walking and Talking

 The Tri-state region Dressage team did fantastic! They won Team Overall and placed third in Horse Management.

 Check back on Saturday to see the pictures I took of Mounted Games.

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