Saturday, March 11, 2017

Chirk Castle: Part Two

 Although part of Chirk Castle was quite medieval, two wings were well furnished and lived in until a few years ago when it was handed over to the National Trust.

To discourage the fancy seats being sat on, nettles were placed on them. A very fine solution, indeed!

 As I said, there was some kind of kid's event going on. I'm assuming there was a scavenger hunt of sorts because these little-stuffed wolves were hidden in random places around the castle.

 All the rooms were extremely fine. It was as though you'd just stepped into Pemberley from Pride and Prejudice.

 Stunning ceiling!

 The bedroom of the late Lady of the house.

 A chair with 6 feet!
 Of course one of my favorite rooms was this library. There were not only beautiful old books but also pictures of the Castle's former masters through the ages on horseback.
 To prevent theft, there were thin wires on every bookshelf.
 Secret doors in Castles!
 There was a guy dressed up as a court jester entertaining the crowd.
 A sign warning us not to step on the grass.
After we had visited the castle for a few hours, we started on the long beautiful walk into Chirk town.

Come back next week to see pictures from that walk.

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